CARDIOLOGY - Examinations

Cardio-vascular diseases



The main cardio-vascular diseases and hazards needing treatment are:




We run arteriographic screenings with complementary blood-sugar and cholesterol tests for companies right in your office. Ask for prices – depending in numbers – at the reception desk.
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Cardiologic screening program

The goals of the cardiologic screening are  the assessment of the hazards and the state of the vascular system as well as the prevention of any future cardiac disease.

Cardiologic screening package

Extra package
(for patients with high-risk way of living

  • Physical examination
  • Resting ECG
  • Ultrasonic cardiac examination
  • Exercise tolerance test
  • 24 hours ECG screening (HOLTER)
  • 24 hours blood pressure screeining(ABPM)
  • Lab examinations

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